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Frenquently Asked Questions

1.  How do I receive an invite?

You either attend one of our free tryouts or your summer coach needs to request your invite

2.  How long does the All State Exposure Games last?

The All State Exposure Games start on a Friday with skills competitions and check in, followed by 2 days of games. Friday is not mandatory since skills comps do not determine your potential invite to the Travel Team.

3.  What is the All State Exposure Games?

This is one final weekend to show off your talent at the end of your season. Teams are put together based on region so that at each age we can find out who has the best baseball across the state of Texas at each age.

4.  What happens after the All State Exposure Games?

Only the top 25-35% of the players who attend each age will receive an invite to play on the Travel team.

5.  Does the Team Texas Travel team affect my personal travel team?

No, we only play during times your summer team is typically taking off.

If we were to be frozen after the Select 30 Super NIT in California we attend all players will be dropped.

6.  What events can we possibly play in with Team Texas?

SHOWCASE CHAMPIONSHIP - We play against the All State teams from Louisiana in Lafayette over Labor day. Alabama is supposed to be sending teams in 2019 as well.

LAS VEGAS DESERT FALL CLASSIC - This tournament is in Las Vegas over the weekend leading up to Halloween. This is a 3 day tournament starting on a Friday with final Bracket being on Sunday.

MLK SELECT 30 SUPER NIT -  This tournament, in Chino Hills, CA is another 3 day event. We play 2 pool play Sat and 2 Sunday with only the top teams playing in Bracket on Monday

7.  What to expect on these travel teams?

We plan to have 11-12 players per team for the travel events. At 14 and older teams may be filled with more players.

All players will get significant playing time, however the top couple players will get more playing time in the field. Ex: Stud SS will play majority of that time, Best Outfielder will play majority of innings. These teams are expected to win so we will do our best to do so while still batting the line up.

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